About me

As an experienced trauma psychotherapist and psychologist (Master’s level),
I have worked with clients of many walks of life. My individual work tends to be trauma and attachment focused, as I personally believe that delving deep into the root causes and origins of unhelpful patterns is an exploration worth undergoing. My practice is very strongly trauma-informed and I have vast experience working with sexual, psychological trauma, as well as complex PTSD. 

Similarly, the work I do with couples tends to focus on the impact of trauma on the relationship and breaking patterns that hinder your relationship.

Being bi-cultural and raised in an international environment, I also believe in adapting therapy approaches to an individual’s culture and/or religion. This is also a big research interest of mine! Our struggles, narratives and beliefs always rest against a cultural, societal or religious backdrop.

Aside from the therapy world, I am also a published poet and a spoken word artist. As part of the Mind Over Matter team,  I blend the therapy and poetry world together, organising poetry events and workshops in London centred around discussing mental health through spoken word and page poetry.

If you wish to do so, you can find me in the BACP accredited register of psychotherapists and counsellors, which you can find on their website.