I offer a range of services for companies. Normally, these offers are discussed on an individual basis but workshops and events I have successfully facilitated in the past include:

  • Stress & Anxiety management workshop: A workshop incorporating elements of psycho-education about stress and anxiety, mindfulness techniques and other practical tools!
  • Creative thinking workshop: A more fun, hands-on workshop where we unleash the power of creativity through various writing exercises and thought experiments.
  • Mental Health Awareness & Education: A workshop aimed at raising awareness and evidence-based factual information on a specific mental health condition(s).

In partnership with Mind Over Matter (a spoken word & poetry organisation I am a part of), I also organise regular poetry mental health workshops and events. These aim to help people express their feelings through the power of words and share experiences in a safe, supportive environment.

I offer workshops both in-person across the UK, as well as online via Zoom.