Divorce & Kids: not always what it seems

I’m sure you’ve heard some couples say something along the lines of “We have to stay together for the kids.” Perhaps you’ve also wondered if that’s the right way to go in your situation. After all, articles, books and other media tend to demonise divorce and its impact on the family. Although divorce can definitely be an extremely emotional and bitter process, it doesn’t necessarily have to impact your kids negatively. In fact, it can even be something of benefit to them.

I wrote a short piece for Stowe Family Law Blog tackling this issue from a slightly different perspective. I think it’s important to stay open minded and realise that nothing is black-and-white. When it comes to divorce and children, it really depends on how you handle it. Importantly, you have to remember that taking care of your own needs is crucial. It’s a part of caring for your children that’s easy to forget when you’re focused on doing everything you can for them.

You can read the article I wrote by clicking on this link.

How can therapy help when dealing with divorce?

After reading the article, you might be wondering how therapy and counselling could prove useful when going through a divorce. Everything depends on your needs and your own individual life story, but here are some ways it can help:

  • Therapy can help you deal with the confusing emotions surrounding your divorce, but also what went wrong in your relationship. Therapy is a useful tool for processing all sorts of emotions like anger, sadness, regret, guilt, anxiety
  • It can help you understand and accept what has lead you to this point in your life.
  • It can be a great way to figure out who you are as a separate individual, not a partner.

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